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By Haktan Suren, PhD
Nov 28th, 2016
What makes a website go viral on Product Hunt? There is some data under the hood that is rather surprising. But before we get there, let me start at th...
By Haktan Suren, PhD
Nov 23rd, 2016
Today, I am going to show you how i took a website having 47 Google’s PageSpeed Insights score and make it up to 98. Yes, you heard me right, nin...
By Haktan Suren, PhD
Sep 26th, 2016
What is HandL YouTube Extra? and What does it do? Ever wanted to track your YouTube videos embedded on your WordPress blog? How many people played the ...
By Haktan Suren, PhD
Apr 10th, 2016
This page is dedicated to HandL UTM Grabber and its documentation. Please comment down below if you have any question or future requests about the plug...
By Haktan Suren, PhD
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Mar 26th, 2016
As it is well known, WordPress is a free content management system. And according to one of the recently published articles on, it ha...