Easy Way to Make Money with Google AdSense

By Haktan Suren, PhD
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Apr 29th, 2015

In this article, I am going to show you how to make easy money with AdSense. There are many bloggers online they share invaluable information with world everyday.

I think it is a powerful tool for bloggers to make some profits from their hobbies. Signup process is very easy (easier than i thought). Surprisingly, you do not have to have Google account, you can use your domain’s email which is especially great if you have multiple websites and want to use Google AdSense for all of them.

Although creating Google AdSense account is fairly simple process, it still requires some effort to get it approved in a timely manner. I would like to share my experience about creating Google AdSense account and how i get my account approved and ads showed up in my website in less than 24 hours.

1. Create Google AdSense Account

As I mentioned at the beginning, you do not have to have Google account for Google AdSense. It is optional. You can use your domain’s email instead. After you go through a very easy (only a few steps of) application process, you have to wait Google send you email about your account approval (see below). This may take up to 24-48 hours based on the feedback provided in some blogs.


In oder to get a fast approval (like me), you have to have a good standing website (blog). What I mean by “a good standing website” is that you have to have sufficient amount information published in the website. Some says “sufficient amount” is around 6-months worth work. If you think, your current website does not meet this criteria, I strongly recommend you to spend some more time with your website such as publishing unique materials (articles), using trending ideas that potentially attract more people and writing about a niche.

If you think you have enough content in your website, you can just go ahead and create your account. You may get an approval from couple to 24 hours. After you get your first approval from Google AdSense, you will receive email like this.


Creating Your Ads

Your initial account approval does not mean you are ready to have ads hosted on your website and start making money. Google needs to see the ads place (even though they are empty) on your website before they proceed final approval on your account. What i recommend is to login to the Google AdSense website, and create as much as ads you want to use in your website as possible, because Google reviews all the ads you created and it takes some time for Google to make live each ads on your website.

There are certain guidelines that you have to read carefully in order to protect your Google AdSense account being closed by Google. You can check Google for more info. I just would like to warn you about the two common mistakes webmasters do that results their account blocked. First thing is it is not allowed to host three ads on the same page. Second it is again not permitted to click the ads on your website even for a test purpose. There are some specialized plugins that allows you to do testing without getting your account blocked. But use it at your own risk.

Another good thing about Google AdSense is the size of the ads. Google AdSense let you choose from a variety of size options to improve customer experience. On the top of that, you can create completely custom sized ads for better experience. Last but not least, you can also benefit from having responsive ads for your responsive design.

After you generated your ads and placed them in your website. You should wait Google to approve it. This may take from 24 hours to several days. Because Google crawls your website from top to bottom and check if your website follow the rules of the AdSense program guidelines. The email looks like this.


When you get full approval from Google, you can enjoy making some money…

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